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Hear Songs Encoded using Lame.exe
and Rezorlame.exe

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This is the Lame.exe - Razorlame.exe ( front end for lame.exe ) Download Page.

These programs weren't easy for me to find and that's why I'm putting them both
here, in one place, with instructions for installation and use.

Over view of the process:

Lame.exe is the actual "engine" that does the work of encoding the MP3 file,
however it can only be operated using command lines.
See the official Lame Project site by clicking here.

Razorlame.exe is a GUI ( graphic user interface ) that allows you to simply
push buttons to get the job done.
See the official Razor Lame Developers site by clicking here.

You need to have both Lame.exe, and Razorlame.exe ( the front end for Lame )
installed on your machine.

They're both very simple programs and make no changes to the registry in Win98
or WINXP so I'll have to assume the same is true for any Win9.x or NT platform.

The installation:

Create a new directory structure in C:\ that looks like this.

Download and extract it to C:\razor\lame\

Download and extract it to C:\razor\razorlame\

Launch razorlame.exe and choose Edit/Options and insert the path to lame.exe.
Bitrate and other options are under Edit/Lame Options or the button on the front panel.

Special thanks to the developers of Lame.exe and Razorlame.exe.


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